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Wyclef Jean

The music that Wyclef Jean has written, performed, and produced — both as a solo superstar and as founder and guiding member of the Fugees — has been a consistently powerful, pop cultural force for over two decades. In 1996, the Fugees released their monumental album The Score. As a solo artist, Wyclef has released seven albums that have sold nearly nine million copies worldwide, including his 1997 debut The Carnival and 2000’s aptly titled The Eclectic: 2 Sides II a Book. Jean’s latest studio album, Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee, his first in eight years, was released on Sept. 15, 2017. The album was named one of the 25 Most Anticipated Albums” of the fall by Billboard Magazine that year. In November 2017, Wyclef also released a mixtape, entitled, “Inspired By…” that paid tribute to the music that inspired him that year. The project received high acclaim from critics and fans alike. In December, Wyclef wrote and performed a song, “Dimelo,” along with X-Factor winners, Rak-Su. The song rose to the top of the charts in less than a week in the UK.

Dirt Nasty

As his alter ego “Dirty Nasty,” actor, musician, producer, and comedian, Simon Rex has developed a die-hard and rabid fan-base across the world since the release of his debut rap-comedy albums 2007 release. Dirt’s second album (2010’s “Nasty As I Wanna Be”) debuted and stayed at the top of Billboard’s comedy charts for weeks and featured guests such as Ke$ha, LMFAO and others.


Revival is a South bay San Diego Roots Reggae band. Our members grew up near "La Frontera" the border between Mexico and the United States. Our songs cover real issues dealing with our Faith, the daily struggle of life, political oppression and love. Our members come from different musical backgrounds, every one of us taking different paths to get to this point in our lives where playing conscious music is what matters. With four different lead singers Revival brings variety to the stage and an energy that you will have to experience for yourself. The band consists of a full horn section and a musical core that has been playing together since 2006. We released our second album in late 2012 a 14 track CD named “The Message “and have started 2013 with a bang. We hope you like what Revival has to offer and we look forward to your support as we move forward in this musical journey

MC Flow

Her name describes it all, MC Flow; as in lyrics that just flow out of her with no hesitation or pause; PC creativity that flows out with humor and skill. This high-achiever from New York has come to the West coast with her style (and accent) to provide a funky, laid-back beat perfect for the cool San Diego scene. But don’t underestimate this girl’s talent, because not only can she perform a song worthy enough to bust a groove (“Def Perception”), she can also put you on blast and make you beg